When US Magazine‘s headline read “How Carrie Underwood Got Her Hot Bod” they credited Erin Oprea. The Huffington Report calls Erin a “personal fitness guru.” Her work with celebrities has been seen on Oprah and virtually every television network via the new fit looks of her celebrity clients.

Born in Sacramento, raised in San Diego and Nashville, Erin was involved in soccer and fitness at a very young age. She felt a need to help others become physically fit and at 18 she received her first certification as a personal trainer.

She embraced the challenge the U.S. Marine Corps could offer her and enlisted at the age of 20. With nine total years of service including two tours of duty in Iraq, Erin made history when she was appointed to lead the first female platoon attached to the infantry in a war zone. While serving our nation, she became even more aware of the importance of physical fitness and nutrition.

In 2006, Erin was recertified and immediately began using her unique fitness and nutrition plans to train an elite group of clients. In a matter of no time, word spread and she began training top business executives, celebrities and others who live busy lives and are conscientious about their appearance and health. She trains privately, one on one, in homes and on the road when necessary.

Erin has been Carrie Underwood’s personal trainer since early 2007. Working with celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Nettles has earned Erin the title of “Trainer to the Stars.” Erin understands that her background, experience, confidentiality and friendliness are the cornerstones to her success.

Erin lives in Nashville with her husband Sean and her two boys. As a family they are heavily involved in soccer, sports and other family activities.