Carrie Underwood reveals her vegan diet secrets
Carrie Underwood/VEVO/YouTube

Carrie Underwood is sharing her vegan diet secrets with her fans and revealing how she maintains her figure. The country music star follows a strict diet and exercise routine. She recently shared how she stops herself from overindulging by keeping a food diary. Underwood credits her diet and workouts for the ability to quickly shed the baby weight and show off her body at the CMT Awards.

Underwood’s personal trainer, Erin Oprea, explains that a combination of diet and exercise helped the star lose weight after she gave birth. Oprea points out that Underwood follows a strict vegan diet that does not allow junk food. She keeps track of her meals in a food diary that helps her avoid overindulging. Underwood was initially a vegetarian, but she switched to a vegan diet after watching her friend transform her body with a new lifestyle.

Underwood has revealed she is lactose intolerant, but she considers herself a practical vegan. She claims that she will not send back a dish at a restaurant if a “sprinkling of cheese” is visible. She also shares that it is difficult to avoid cheese, and she sometimes gives in to her cravings. During a vacation to Italy, she switched to a vegetarian diet because it was impossible to avoid cheese. She also switched to a vegetarian diet during her pregnancy because of cravings for carbohydrates and dairy. Ben & Jerry's vanilla ice cream was one of her weaknesses.

The country music star previously shared a day from her food diary and revealed that her morning starts with scrambled tofu. She snacks on almonds before lunch and usually brings her own packed meal. However, she frequently indulges in Subway’s vegetarian sandwiches. Her dinner includes quesadillas with nondairy cheese, beans and lentils. She also snacks on crackers, fruit, nuts and dark chocolate.