My training program is designed to give you a lasting positive experience. One-on-one training provides the best possible results. Together we work on high quality functional fitness and overall happiness. You can expect balance, core conditioning, cardio, resistance training, nutritional guidance and a new healthy body and lifestyle.

WE COME TO YOU. Whether you want to work out in your home gym, your office or a outdoor location, our certified trainer will be able to accommodate you in any surrounding.Each training session is private, professional and safe. We place a special emphasis on stretching and flexibility. The object is to create a new you in an environment that you are comfortable in. You will be able to achieve your goals and push yourself to new limits.

One On One

Nashville is the nation's #1 destination for bachelorette parties and Girls' Weekends. No trip is complete without hot chicken, the Opry and a dance party sweat session with Erin Oprea!

Erin offers hour-long workouts for you and your girls to get you on your way to superstar legs. Your private party includes the workout, a Q&A session with Erin, plus light refreshments (including Erin's signature energizing beet juice shots).

So, be sure to pack your party pants and contact us today to book your own private event with Erin

Nashville Workout Parties!

For the executive or artist who is often on the road you can maximize your training by having your trainer travel with you. We advance plan your training by locating facilities wherever you are traveling to and working within your busy schedule.

We strive to help you with your nutritional planning when away from home. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any situation whether in a hotel, dressing room or office.

Being on the road with a certified trainer enables you to not only work on your physical training, but helps you relieve stress, boost your energy and gives you an escape from the pressures of traveling.

Artist On the Road


Come workout with me virtually anywhere. . . literally!  A couple of times per week, I host a virtual training class over live stream. I encourage you to set up a camera so I can help correct your form, motivate you, and say hi to your puppy when he licks the camera!

Unfortunately, Erin is unable to take on any new one-on-one clients for in-person training at this time; however, in addition to offering training services through a rigorously tested and carefully selected team of trainers, she is thrilled to offer her expertise via virtual training.

With virtual training,  you're able to join a class where participants can all see Erin on their computers in real-time as she instructs you through a workout. She's careful to keep the count of the classes low enough that she can easily and readily interact with all participants, advising on form or any other particulars that will enhance the effectiveness of your workout. Read more on Erin's virtual training sessions or her available trainers below.




My certified trainers are personally selected and trained. Whether they are working with a celebrity, business executive or housewife, they always strive for optimum results. Each trainer has spent a considerable amount of time working with my specific exercise techniques and they learned how to give personal nutrition guidance to ensure a successful program.

Each staff member is keenly aware that they are to become an important part of your everyday routine. You can count on my trainers to be passionate, creative and punctual. We know this is NOT a one size fits all business, thus you can expect the best individual training experience available anywhere. You will always be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Most importantly, our attention to detail does not end after your session. We are always available for your questions or to render advice. Simply, my trainers are the best in the business.