To get where I am today I have had to really focus on my eating. I eat very clean every day, I pay attention to all the foods going into my body and I am very consistent! Health and fitness are my life and really my love and passion. 

So are doughnuts.

Well, maybe not my passion, but I kinda do love them! They're so tasty; but, they're also so pretty with all the different shapes, glazes, and decorations. I love how they differ from city to city. I travel quite a bit and it's been fun for me to try new doughnut shops everywhere I go. However, doughnuts are about as far from clean food as you can get. Full of fat and sugar, they don't offer anything from a clean fuel standpoint. And, as you know, I am a firm believer in giving your body good, clean fuel to get the best out of it.

So, doughnuts are now off limits for me. 

Every September, I take an especially hard look at my diet, identify something that is sabotaging me and I commit to getting rid of it during the month of October. I have my own OktoberFest, but mine is an OktoberFast. I have found that when I give up something harmful to me for those 31 days, I can break myself from craving it. Experts say that it usually takes around four weeks to establish a habit. And, look at that! October has four weeks in it! Those weeks get me into a really good place for breaking bad habits. (It's super important to remember, though, not to go right back to eating that bad thing on November 1st. You don't want to undo all your hard work!)

I used to be a pizza fiend, too. I loved it; but, it wasn't the cleanest fuel choice I could make for myself. I used the 31 days of October to break myself of my pizza habit and I haven't gone back to it. Every now and then I have pizza, but it's totally different from what it used to be. My pizzas start on a cauliflower crust. I brush them with olive oil and minced garlic before adding smashed avocado, roasted tomatoes and fried eggs (hey, don't knock it - it's great!). 

We're nine days into October and I still miss doughnuts, I'm not going to lie; but, it's getting easier and it will get easier every day from now on. So, come on! Join me! What's holding you back? Too much peanut butter? Buttered popcorn? Ice Cream? Give it up! You've still got three weeks to break a bad habit and start a good one.

6 Pack

Are you frustrated with your midsection? Jealous of those who have a six pack, and wonder why you can’t seem to get it right?

Let’s go over the reasons you’re not getting that flat stomach you’ve been working so hard to achieve, as well as some simple ways you can mix up your routine to make it happen!

You’re doing every ab exercise in the book, but still have a belly.

People ask me all the time how to get my clients’ beautiful legs and there is absolutely a simple answer; Hard work and dedication. This isn’t a secret, nearly everybody knows this and yet people still try and find the magic answer or exercise that will get it for themselves. For each time I hear people shout “Leg Goals!” I can tell you that that client got there by working hard, never giving up and pushing through their comfort zone.

I recommend a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for your overall health but as great as those steps are for your body, they’re not going to give you the sculpted legs you desire. To see those pretty muscles, you have to



One of the tenets that I live by is getting creative with the moments in life that are usually done sitting down and making them as active as possible. I enjoy it, it keeps me healthy and I’m a busy professional trainer who needs to work out—many times these moments are all I get! So I bring weights to soccer practices, my phone for body weight Tabatas while waiting in between clients and a jump rope absolutely everywhere, especially to soccer games so I can get my cardio in while watching my boys kick some butt!


Moderation is a key element to how I live my life.  I try to workout every day in some shape or form but it doesn’t have to be in the gym, it doesn’t have to be the hardest workout every time or the longest run each night.  This goes for my nutritional philosophy as well.  I don’t cut out all alcohol or never have pizza but I make sure that the indulgences are small and spaced apart.  Moderation also extends into eating occasional healthy, lean meat.  There is a lot of evidence that giving up chicken and red meat would be incredibly healthy for me.  I also get a bunch of questions from clients and friends asking whether or not they themselves should go vegetarian or vegan to create their own healthiest lifestyle versions.  For that reason, I have searched and tried to find every alternative to traditional meats so I could find my own answers to this great debate!

Most people use a scale to weigh themselves regularly and are pretty emotional about what that scale tells them. As a personal trainer, I often hear comments such as, "I just need to lose the last 10 pounds." I'm constantly battling against these identity-destroying beliefs to help my clients feel satisfied, and I hate it.

Jumping onto every scale you come across will not only drive you into an OCD rage about your weight, but it will also heavily misguide you.

Today, I want you to change your view of the scale. Here are 10 rules I want you to follow: