Erin Oprea, October 23 2022

How to Have A Great Challenge

I am sooooo excited for this Challenge.  🥳 We’re going to fight inflammation. We’re going to loosen you up your joints and muscles. And we’re going to create long-term, healthy habits in the kitchen.

If you haven't signed up, HERE is the link.  You gotta sign up.  We're gonna have an awesome time and your body will thank you.

The Challenge is Live in the App.  📲 Open the app and tap the big button in the middle of the screen that says, “Get Your Sweat On.” Make sure you've installed the latest version of the app. 

If there’s one tip I can give you, it’s this: Carve out time and commit to you. ⏰

This Challenge will make you feel better. But you need to commit. You need to set aside time each day. And you need to stick with it. It’s totally ok if you miss a day. You can make it up. But try as hard as you can to stay on track. 

Bonus Tip: Get a friend - or many friends - to help motivate you. 👯‍♀️

Share your progress and hard work in the community. Let that positive energy fuel you. Give and offer inspiration. Don't forget to join the Facebook group by tapping HERE

Workouts: Every week, we’re going to get those joints moving with Hali. She’s leading mobility exercises that you will LOVE. 😍 Hali is amazing. Her instruction is good for ANY level - beginner to advanced. I promise you will feel better after working out with Hali. 

Me and Sean are hosting workout parties each week, too.  🎶 We’re bringing the energy in my workouts that work well with Hali’s mobility plans. 

Get your basic equipment ready for workouts. You’ll need: Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, a Mat, Slides (or a towel if you're on hard floors), a Stabilizer ball and a Water bottle. I have all these goodies in My Amazon Store or you can get them at lots of retailers. 

Meal Plans: We’re focusing on foods that fight inflammation. 🍎 Most of the recipes come from my best selling book, The Power Plate Diet. These recipes are easy to cook and budget friendly.  

There’s several fish recipes in this plan because fish is really really good for you.  🍣 If you don’t like fish, you can swap recipes. But, c’mon… eat some fish. It’s soooo good for you. Who knows, you might just find you really like a new recipe. 

Also, you can adjust the serving size as well as the grocery list. 🛒 I try to make all my recipes family-friendly. But, I totally understand the struggle to get younger kids to eat like a healthy adult. So adjust your servings then plan ahead with the grocery list. 

To find the meal plan, 📲 tap nutrition icon in the lower right corner and open the kitchen drawer.  Tap Plans and select either of the Reset & Restore Plans.  The plan takes about 15-25 seconds to load, ⏳ be patient because it’s building all recipes, ingredients, and grocery lists into your app.

Have so much fun. 🎊 Inspire others. Eat well. And commit to having a great time.  

I’m proud of you for joining. This Challenge will make you feel better and go into the holidays 🎄 healthier than ever. 

Written by

Erin Oprea

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