Erin Oprea, October 21 2022

Set Goals. Always. …And Forever. 

You have to set goals. And you need to remind yourself of the goals you set. 🎗

Today, I released a new feature on the PRETTY MUSCLES app where you write down and commit to a 45-day goal. 🗓 Everyday when you come into the app, you will see your goal. I want that goal to be a constant reminder that you can do it!  

Kind of like sticking a note on your vanity mirror in your bathroom or on your computer screen at work, 📝 I want this goal to be a constant reminder that you can achieve big things as long as you keep a positive attitude.  

Studies show that habits take 60 days to form. 🤔 I know… I always thought habits took 21 days to form. But, apparently 60 days is the magic number because most people fall off the wagon at least once before that habit sinks in.

So why 45 days in the PRETTY MUSCLES app? 📲

I truly believe that if you look at your goal everyday, you will make it happen faster and stronger.  Also, I want you to refresh your goal every 6 weeks so you can accomplish 8-9 big goals per year!

Set. Commit. Hit. Repeat.

So… right now… open the app (make sure you’re on the latest version). Tap “COMMIT GOAL” and type in whatever you want. For me, I wrote “Tell Sean “I Love You” 😘 every time he makes me coffee.” ☕️

What goal are you going to commit to? 

Complete the Reset & Restore Challenge. Walk a mile every day. Climb a flight of stairs without getting winded. Drop a dress size. Spend more time with the kids. Get mom to exercise with me once a week. 

Let’s Do This, PRETTY MUSCLES Family! Love you guys! 


Written by

Erin Oprea

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