Pretty Muscles Team, October 4 2022


Over the weekend, we released some significant changes to the app. Change is hard. We know there are several bugs… some of them are gnarly. 🪲 We’ve addressed those bugs and are making fixes. We expect the fixes to be complete by today. 

We are so sorry for the difficulties over the last three days. We’re working around the clock to squish these bugs. 👷🛠👷‍♂️ We’re also working on a plan to make it up to you. 

One important thing to mention: Your progress is not gone. Your progress is stored safely in the database. The app might show you are on Day-1, but your progress recorded every workout. We just need to get you back to your last completed workout (that change is coming today). 

This app update was significant. We built and migrated to a new database. This database is designed to make the app snappier, more secure, reliable, and ready for new features. 

Migrating from one database to another creates difficulties. 🚧 The migration can cause a traffic jam, similar to when your home internet slows down in the evenings or when Amazon shuts down on Prime Day. 

The good news is that the migration is near-complete.  🎉

The reason we moved to a new database is that the app will begin to introduce many new features that the old database cannot support. This has been a year-long project.

The Pretty Muscles team is very committed to creating the best experience for you to live a healthier life alongside Erin. This release had some setbacks. As we all know, if you want an omelet, you have to break some eggs. 🍳 It can be messy. But it’s necessary and worth it. 

The most important thing to know is we are listening to you. We recognize this is a frustrating experience. We are challenging ourselves to make good and agile decisions, and we are committed to helping you and Erin have a great experience.    

Our ask: Be kind to each other. Software is hard. Great, smart people build software. Those smart people have feelings and are working to make a better experience for you. ☺️

By mid-week, we are going to have the kinks ironed out. After the dust settles, we have some very fun and big announcements to share.  

If you have any concerns, questions or ideas, please reach out to where the support team is standing by to help. 🤗

Thank you for your support, feedback, and patience.  



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Pretty Muscles Team

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