Pretty Muscles Team, October 5 2022



Good news! We squished the bugs. 🪲 We will begin releasing more updates throughout the day. 

Remember, progress was never lost. Your progress is safely stored in our secure database.  

Again, we are grateful for your patience! Major launch events are tough and filled with anxiety. 😬 Prior to this launch, we beta tested with dozens of amazing PRETTY MUSCLES members who provided great feedback. 💝 We addressed each and every piece of feedback before we pushed live. 

We felt good. Real good. We were so excited to push these new updates that increase stability, reliability, and allow for awesome feature advancement.  

And then… Murphy’s Law slapped us in the face. “What can go wrong, did go wrong.” 🤦‍♀️ 

But, we’re on the other side of it now. 👩‍💻 We fixed most of the issues and will continue to update the app throughout the day and the week.

We know that some folks are not yet seeing their last-completed workout day. (That fix is coming this afternoon.) 🎊 To tide you over, we pushed an awesome Program live! 

The Partner-Up Challenge is now available as a Program. This is a really fun 14-day Program that combines group workouts with tabatas! The workouts are so fun. You can do them alone or with a friend. 👭

You can find the Partner-Up Challenge in the program carousel as you scroll down on the home screen. 

While you’re waiting for the updates to push into the App Store, enjoy the Partner-Up Challenge or jump into a Quick Workout.  

Thanks again, PRETTY MUSCLES Fam! 🤗

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Pretty Muscles Team

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