Pretty Muscles Team, October 7 2022



We made it. What a week. The team worked around the clock. By this point, we believe we've squished all the reported bugs. 🪲

If you haven’t already updated, 📲please head to the app store and update. The best way to update is to uninstall and reinstall. It clears out the cobwebs from the squished bugs.  

We're not going to take a victory lap. Still, we're glad you can go into a healthy weekend with Erin and the PRETTY MUSCLES family. 

We've said it a few times. But we want to say it again and again: Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🙏 Big launches are tough. 😬

How did we get here, and why the bugs this week? 

Over the last several years, we've worked to make ongoing improvements to PRETTY MUSCLES. Since launching in January 2020, we know the app has had some gaps and problems. But, this February, we committed to a new endeavor… we decided to rebuild. 🛠 We built an entirely new database. We needed to start over, so the PRETTY MUSCLES app was the best reflection of Erin herself. 🦹🏼‍♀️

Erin is a world-class trainer. She is inspiring, fun, and genuine. Her community has grown into a tight-knit family. Erin is also a close friend. She is patient, kind, and analytical.  

When we decided to rebuild, we knew it would be a journey. 🛣We took our time. We held focus groups with AMAZING members in the community. We worked with Erin and asked for patience. 

We also hired terrific new teammates to build the app. 👩‍💻👨‍💻 We stopped contracting offshore developers. 

Does this mean the new app will be perfect? Heck no! We will have bugs. 🐛 We will have hiccups. Software is a tricky b*tch. 🧙‍♂️ Like all software developers, we will scramble every time Apple and Google release updates. That's part of the fun for us. But we know it can be annoying for you.

With the new updates, we will have much better ways to address new problems, work with members, and make fixes quickly. More importantly, we will streamline new features. 

What's Next? 

QUICK WORKOUTS: Our first new feature is Quick Workouts. These are 10-30 minute on-demand workouts. We all love it when Erin and DJ Sean have workout parties. 🎊We brought those to the home screen so you can do a Quick Workout anytime you want - not just in a Challenge.  

 COLLABORATIONS: Along with Quick Workouts, we're introducing Collaborations. One of Erin's good friends will debut her ab circuit this week. We're not going to spoil the surprise… but she is AAHHMMAAZZIINNGG. 😎Please let us know who you want to join us for future collaborations.

GOAL COMMITTING: Goals are important, especially when they are big but achievable. Every day when you open the app, you will see the Goal to help motivate you to stay on track. 🥇In a few weeks, we will introduce Goals, where we encourage you to commit to a 45-day milestone.  

CHALLENGES: We have a really fun and important Challenge lined up. Erin will announce it soon. This is a new type of Challenge because it focuses on a specific, chronic issue. 🩺 We're evolving Challenges to help you commit to change and transformation, targeting specific issues we often address. 

Thank you. 

It's going to be a fun fall. 🍁Again, thank you for working with us this week. It was a doozy. Our team lost a lot of sleep. But we're better for it.  

We're never going to be perfect. But we'll give it everything we have, just like Erin wants you to give every workout everything you have.  

Thanks, Fam. 🤗

Very Respectfully, 


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Pretty Muscles Team

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