Erin Oprea, October 11 2022

How To Feel Better This Fall...

Hey Fam - Erin here. Let's have real talk... Do you have Stiff joints? Bloated tummy? Lack of energy? I get it. It sucks. Especially this time of year as the holidays approach.  

Inflammation is fighting you. From the foods you eat 🍕 to the sleep you get, 😪 inflammation will put you in a bad mood and even lead to sickness. It’s not fun and it can affect your work and your family life. 

But, it doesn’t have to. You can fight inflammation 🥊  with changes to your eating habits and new exercises.  

So, here’s the deal… I challenge you to reset how you’re eating and restore your mobility. 

I’m not asking you to try a sketchy crash diet. And I’m certainly not asking you to count macros. I’m also not asking you to do some weird fad workout routine. I’m asking that you work with my girl Hali and me to get your joints moving better. 

If you’re feeling stiff and bloated, you really need to consider joining my 30-Day Reset and Restore Challenge that starts October 24. 🍁 This is the first Challenge where we are focusing on a chronic condition: inflammation.

👉 👉 👉 🎉   Sign Up For The Challenge HERE.  🎉 👈 👈 👈

Prizes? Yep - of course! I love giving out prizes. We will have over $10,000 in prizes. 🎁 We're also giving away a PinnerTest each week of the challenge. 🎉 PinnerTest helps you identify intolerances to over 200 difference foods. Avoiding intolerances is just one more step in fighting inflammation. 

This is a first-of-its-kind Challenge. Hali will lead five really amazing mobility workouts. If you’re a super-beginner or a PRETTY MUSCLES warrior, Hali will push you. That’s the whole idea. She’s awesome.

I’m building two unique programs (beginner and intermediate) that align well to Hali’s training. When you are limber, you’re better prepared to build those long, lean, pretty muscles. 

The meal plan includes recipes from my book The Power Plate Diet, 📖 the book I wrote in 2021 about anti-inflammatory foods. 

We will do weekly Q&A’s so you can ask me questions about inflammation or whatever else you want to chat about. 

I’ll send you weekly emails with💡 tips and tricks to reset your diet and restore your mobility.  

And… of course… DJ Sean and I will do weekly workout parties so we can make you smile and sweat as we jam out to my awesome tunes. 🕺

If you’re going to do this Challenge… which I really really want you to do… I want you to assess where you are.  Can you touch your knees? Shins? Toes? 🙆‍♀️ Can you scratch the middle of your back? Can you get out of bed without aches and pains? Do you feel bloated and gross? 

After the challenge, I want you to do another assessment. I think you will find that you’ll sleep much better, you’ll feel more nimble, and you won’t feel yucky. 🤩 I bet you’ll also feel a lot happier.

So… Let’s do this. Reset and Restore with me. Let’s kick butt this fall.

Sign up for the Challenge HERE. And... of course... if you're a current PRETTY MUSCLES Member, check your email for a special discount count. 

Written by

Erin Oprea


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