When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, consistency is key. If you want to stop feeling lethargic and overweight, you have to stop being lazy. Sorry to be blunt. It's all about creating a consistent lifestyle that promotes healthy eating and movement throughout the day!

I’m a personal trainer, but I am not always a perfect eater. I love pizza — I love bacon on my pizza. When I indulge, I make sure that two out of the three meals I eat that day are still healthy. On days that my body is sore and rundown, I still get up and move. Laying around only makes the soreness worse — get those muscles moving and get a good stretch or foam roll in.

Irish-Inspired Cocktails for St Patrick's Day

One of my mantras is that while living within a consistently healthy lifestyle, you need to find time to enjoy life. For some, this includes having a drink at a bar with friends and family. I will always ask my clients to slow down how quickly they imbibe, to mix water in between drinks, and to cut down on how often they go out to grab a drink. However, I rarely ask that they stop having alcohol altogether. I am a realistic person, after all! And how can I ask them to do something I don’t do myself? So instead, I constantly look for new ways to have a healthy cocktail.


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Staying healthy and remaining fit can be a daunting task, and seeing others doing the same and having fun while at it can be frustrating. Here’s a little tip: act like you’re a kid again! Granted, don’t do chips and pizza for meals or snacks all day long, but go outside to have fun with your favorite active hobby! It’s a great way to actually enjoy staying healthy.


Diet or Exercise?

Moderation, a great word in the lexicon of health.  A word that I find creates the best possible chances for success in your search for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Too many, my clients included, try to find ways to lose weight that require so much sacrifice that once they're off of that fad trend, the weight comes back in a hurry! Don’t get me wrong, with nearly every diet book out there, if you were to follow it to the letter, you would lose weight. But how happy would you be for the remainder of your life, and I do hope it’s a long life, if you never ate carbohydrates again? Or refused to have a burger at a neighborhood cookout? Or only drank your food in juice form? Or only drank shakes forever? Could you really never have gluten again–bye-bye pizza, pasta, beer, cereal? There are foods out there that do cause more weight gain and inflammation than others (starchy carbs and red meat, I’m talking to you), but that doesn’t mean you need to eliminate them from your diet.


foam rolling
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At the end of every workout session I always recommend stretching. Loosening up your tight muscle tissue is essential for keeping soreness at bay and creates a great way to come down off your workout high. I let my mind and body know that it is done for the time being and allow it to relax before heading on with my day. Traditional stretches, even the ones you learned in high school, can be perfect for this. Reaching for your toes and pulling your heel to your bum can get your legs nice and stretched, but have you ever tried rolling your body on a foam cylinder?


need a reason to exercise

I recommend to all my clients that they train with weights at least three days a week, whether they are with me or not. I also tell them to incorporate at least two other days of cardio. This really brings a great mix into your workouts, keeping them fresh and getting your body to a healthy, stable level. Every once in a while, after I issue the cardio recommendation, I will get the reply–usually instantly and with great emphasis–”I hate running and I just can’t do it!”  I just smile, because there are a great many ways to get your cardio in,  and I’m going to lay out bunch of them in nice, neat bullet points just for you. You lucky soul!