I get a constant barrage of questions every day about workouts, fitness, nutrition, and, surprisingly, what I personally eat. I have always considered myself a boring and extremely consistent eater (except that I get so excited about my food).


There’s no need to do an entire hour of cardio, plus an hour of weight training. You can make a 30 or 60 minute session work everything for a faster way to your leanest body.

Remember, always warm up first! We can’t stress this enough. Going into any workout while your muscles are cold is not good. Try jumping rope or walking for about five minutes to quietly tell your body it’s about to do some strenuous movements.


Come lunch time, many people find themselves heading to the nearest fast food joint for a hurried meal—and often load up with carb- or salt-heavy foods that make them sleepy or bloat the body. We want to introduce you to a significantly healthier option to help you feel better, get fitter, and give you more time at home at the end of the day. Did somebody say trifecta?


A great way to burn calories in a small amount of time is to vary the intensity of your workout. This is called interval training and can be an invaluable asset in your healthy life. The workouts below are done on a treadmill but those who enjoy the open air can translate it for the outdoors. As with all exercises, I highly recommend both warm-up and cool-down periods. And those who want to keep limber: stretch! It’s not just for kids and professional athletes.


Follow these two rules (both are completely within your control!) to help you make smart, healthy choices at the grocery store.

Rule #1: Make sure you’ve eaten prior to shopping.

This is important because when you are hungry and faced with the multitude of options, you will tend to gravitate toward unhealthier, quicker selections. Sound obvious to you?


One of the simplest and fastest workouts that create the most impact in the shortest time are Tabata workouts. The sessions I do with my clients, and myself, consist of 4-minute workouts. Go as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for the next 10 seconds. Repeat this seven more times. Easy, right? Another great thing about these workouts is that you really don’t need any equipment. Small weights are great but just using your bodyweight in a few simple moves works wonders!